SC/ST Cell

About SC/ST Cell

The SC/ST Cell has been established to provide facilities to SC/ST students of the University as per the instructions of UGC/State Govt. from time to time. SC/ST Cell functions as grievances Redressal Cell to redress the grievances of SC/ST Students and employees of the university, and renders them necessary help in solving their academic as well as administrative problems. It also carries out any other works assigned from time to time so as to promote higher education among these communities, suffering from economic, social and education deprivations.

The main objective of the SC/ST Cell is to ensure proper implementation of various schemes of University Grants Commission/Govt. of India/State Govt. introduced from time to time in the interest of such students.

SC/ST Cell is also committed to provide an environment that promotes diversity and respects everyone regardless of colour, caste, gender, religious belief or culture. While maintaining diversity of all kinds, it also commits to ensure protection of everyone and acts as per the mandates of the constitution of India in such matters in letter and in spirit.  


Members of the Cell

  • Dr. Kailash, Associate Professor                                  Liaison Officer (SC/ST Cell)
  • Sh. Ramesh Chander, Assistant Registrar                   (SC/ST Cell)
  • Sh. Lal Singh, Assistant                                                (SC/ST Cell)
  • Mr. Kuldeep Kumar, Clerk
  • Mrs. Aarti Sharma, Lab Attendant

Objectives of the Cell

  • To ensure provisions for an environment where all SC/ST students feel safe and secure while studying at the university.
  • To deal with the representations received from SC and ST candidates/students regarding their admission
  • To provide a mechanism to redress the grievances of SC/ST students, if any
  • To provide prompt counselling for any grievances arising on account of any untoward incident towards SC/ST students inside the campus.
  • To provide support to SC/ST students on aspects of education, training and employment, as required.
  • To implement the reservation policy for SC/ST students in the University, and adhere to the guidelines of the UGC and Ministry of Education, Government of India. 
  • To counsel and guide SC/ST students studying at CDLU, Sirsa on various issues and to help them manage academic needs of a university life effectively.

Activities of the Cell

  • Woollen Track Suits have been distributed to the needy poor SC/ST students on 4-01-2022 through the SC/ST cell.

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