Vision, Mission


CDLU envisages, as its central purpose, the 360-degree transformation of young minds, through the dissemination of quality education, research and innovations, into a vibrant civilized society. The University envisions itself to evolve into a centre of excellence and develop its students as positive thinkers focussed on providing solutions to the local issues on global standards.


The University is determined to provide a good-quality and well-rounded education and academic environment to all willing and have decided to join this institution. The University is destined to deliver knowledge in Science, Engineering, Commerce & Management, Humanities, Social sciences, Law, Education and all contemporary professional areas. It is committed to excellence in higher education. Education needs to have contemporary social relevance. Thus, the University has been updating itself in academic content and launching new academic programs to fulfil the market's demand for human resources and skills. We provide a cohesive environment for the faculty, students, and non-teaching staff that can provide scholarly contributions to their advancement of knowledge. The Academic Programmes have been designed innovatively and flexibly. There are core, discipline-specific, skill enhancement, and open elective courses (for students from other departments) in each program's curricula that cover knowledge, critical thinking, interdisciplinary approach and adaptation, application development, ethics and leadership, problem-solving, skills and inferential expertise, specialisation, and employability, among other topics. We are conducting quality research for the benefit of society. Our mission is to provide students with a holistic approach and enable a learning environment from various backgrounds. Extension activities and outreach programs will be enhanced through University Centre for Outreach Programme and Extension (UCOPE) and Centre for Rural Studies (CRS). University Centre for Distance Learning (UCDL) was introduced to cater to students who could not take up their studies regularly. In accordance with the mission statement, the University is committed to facilitating research and quality higher education in imparting knowledge within the jurisdiction of the University.