University IT & Data Centre


University Computer Centre (Computer Lab), UITDC, CDLU Sirsa

The fully air conditioned Computer Lab with 24 hours CCTV surveillance has been established on the 2nd floor of Vivekananda Library to facilitate the students, research scholars and staff members (teaching & non-teaching) as per their requirements in academic and administration. Presently, 68 Computer systems are available in the Computer Lab out of which 45 computer sets are with LAN connectivity while other sets are with Wi-Fi connectivity. The Centre is used by all the stakeholders of the University and the district administration as well. Various services availed are as under:

  • Students of UTDs, USGS and University College visit in the Computer Lab for using Computer Systems as per their requirements.
  • Computer Operators/ Officials deputed by the District Administration also use the computer lab from time to time.
  • Stenography Test for recruitment purpose is conducted in Computer Lab from time to time.
  • Orientation programmes are conducted by the various departments from time to time.
  • Online Ph. D. viva-voce of various departments is conducted through google meet from time to time.
  • Online meetings in the University are conducted for various purposes through google meet during and after COVID.
  • Training to staff members (teaching & non-teaching) for G-Suite is conducted.
  • Online classes are conducted by the teachers of various departments from time to time.
  • Online Induction program is organized by the DSW from time to time.
  • Online examinations of UTDs and affiliated colleges are conducted from time to time.
  • Online practical examinations of UTDs, USGS and UC are conducted from time to time.
  • Online admisions of UTDs, USGS and UC is controlled/ managed by computer center.
  • Online updation of HRMS portal is conducted by the Establishment branch.
  • Visits of students of various schools from time to time.
  • Other online programmes / works are conducted as per order of the University authority.
  • Several online conferences/ workshops are being organized from time to time.

University Website (

The official Domain name (home page) of Chaudhary Devi Lal University, Sirsa (Haryana) is The home page structure includes the linked driven pages and other sites integrated into the home page structure. The website is hosted on a dedicated server of the University. The official e-mail-ID of website office of UITDC, CDLU Sirsa is

The objectives of website

The home page is to provide a point of information to the aspirants like students, research scholars, academicians, administrators and Teaching & Non-teaching staff of the University through visiting the web pages and navigational mechanism. The main objectives are as under:

  • The University website provides timely updated contents and links of News & Events, Notifications, Office Orders and other information of CDLU Sirsa uploaded on the University Website for general interest.
  • All the contents/information/video/audio/photos/data to be uploaded on the website are approved by the competent authority and sent by the concerned department/branch through email to the website office for uploading.
  • The University website is being updated with the latest information on daily basis provided through email by the concerned office/branch/department.
  • The website office has a responsibility for developing, maintaining, managing the university website with standards and guidelines approved by the University authority.
  • All the links of the required information are easily accessible at home page of the website.
  • The University website is controlled and maintained by the office of Director, UITDC, CDLU Sirsa following the standard procedures and administrative support / approval. 

The University Website ( is being maintained and updated efficiently, effectively and promptly by the University Website Office. Being very descriptive and informative, the number of global visitors on the University website is increasing day by day.  Further, this office has initiated the process to strengthen the website accessibility.


  1. Prof. Sushil Kumar, Director, UITDC
  2. Sh. Bhushan Kumar, Sr. Tech. Asstt.
  3. Ms. Deepa, Programmer (OS)
  4. Ms. Sunita, Programmer (OS)
  5. Ms. Saroj, Clerk (OS)
  6. Sh. Ranvir Singh, Peon (OS)