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List of Deans


S. No. Faculty Dean
1. Faculty of Life Sciences Prof. Priyanka Siwach, Department of Biotechnology
2. Faculty of Humanities Prof. Umed Singh, Department of English
3. Faculty of Commerce and Management Prof. Sultan Singh, Department of Business Administration.
4. Faculty of Physical Sciences Prof. Sushil Kumar, Department of Physics
5. Faculty of Education  Prof. Monika Verma, Dept. of Physical Education
6. Faculty of Law Prof. J.S. Jakhar, Department of Law
7. Faculty of Social Sciences Prof. Abhey Singh, Dept. of Economics
8. Faculty of Engineering and Technology Prof. Vikram Singh
9. Dean Academic Affairs Prof. Suresh Kumar Gahalawat
10. Dean of Colleges Prof. J. S. Jakhar
11. Dean Research Prof. Priyanka Siwach
12. Dean Students Welfare Prof. Vishnu Bhagwan




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